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Library Liaisons to Academic Departments

Program/Courses Librarian Phone E-mail
Academic Skills
Academic Skills Sandy McCarthy 734-677-5293
Automotive Services
Autobody Repair Maureen Perault 734-973-3407
Auto Services Maureen Perault 734-973-3407
Auto Restoration Maureen Perault 734-973-3407
Auto Mechanics Maureen Perault 734-973-3407
Behavioral Sciences
Child Care Professional Maureen Perault 734-973-3407
Human Services Workers Maureen Perault 734-973-3407
Psychology Tashia Munson 734-677-5464
Sociology Maureen Perault 734-973-3407
Accounting Amy Lee 734-677-5294
Business Management Amy Lee 734-677-5294
Real Estate Amy Lee 734-677-5294
Business Office
Business Office System Amy Lee 734-677-5294
Computer Instruction
Computer Information Systems Sandy McCarthy 734-677-5293
Computer Network Technology Sandy McCarthy 734-677-5293
Computer Science Sandy McCarthy 734-677-5293
Student Services Meghan Rose 734-973-3430
Career Information Amy Lee 734-677-5294
Culinary and Hospitality Mng.
Culinary Arts Maureen Perault 734-973-3407
Hotel Restaurant Management Maureen Perault 734-973-3407
Dental Assistant
Dental Assistant Sandy McCarthy 734-677-5293

Digital Media Arts
Graphic Design Technology Meghan Rose 734-973-3430
Digital Prepress Meghan Rose 734-973-3430
Photography Meghan Rose 734-973-3430
Computer Aided Design Maureen Perault 734-973-3407
Industrial Drafting Maureen Perault 734-973-3407
Mechanical Engineering Technology Maureen Perault 734-973-3407
Education Tashia Munson 734-677-5464
Electrical Engineering Technology Maureen Perault 734-973-3407
Electricity/Electronics Maureen Perault 734-973-3407
English Molly Ledermann 734-973-3313
Children's Literature Molly Ledermann 734-973-3313
English as a Second Language Molly Ledermann 734-973-3313
Foreign Languages
French Molly Ledermann 734-973-3313
German Molly Ledermann 734-973-3313
Chinese Molly Ledermann 734-973-3313
Spanish Molly Ledermann 734-973-3313
Health Sciences
Health Sciences Sandy McCarthy 734-677-5293
Arts Meghan Rose 734-973-3430
Humanities Molly Ledermann 734-973-3313
Communication Molly Ledermann 734-973-3313
Philosophy Molly Ledermann 734-973-3313
Industrial Technology
Fluid Power Maureen Perault 734-973-3407
Industry, Technology & Society Maureen Perault 734-973-3407
Machine Tool Technology Maureen Perault 734-973-3407
Numerical Control Maureen Perault 734-973-3407
Robotics Maureen Perault 734-973-3407
Mechanical/Manufacturing Engineering Technology Maureen Perault 734-973-3407
Internet Professional
Internet Professional Maureen Perault 734-973-3407
Law Amy Lee 734-677-5294
Life Sciences
Biology Sandy McCarthy 734-677-5293
Physical Education Sandy McCarthy 734-677-5293
Mathematics Sandy McCarthy 734-677-5293
Nursing Sandy McCarthy 734-677-5293
Performing Arts
Dance Sandy McCarthy 734-677-5293
Music Meghan Rose 734-973-3430
Drama Molly Ledermann 734-973-3313
Yoga Sandy McCarthy 734-677-5293
Pharmacy Technology
Pharmacy Technology Sandy McCarthy 734-677-5293
Physical Sciences
Astronomy Sandy McCarthy 734-677-5293
Environmental Science Sandy McCarthy 734-677-5293
Chemistry Sandy McCarthy 734-677-5293
Geology Sandy McCarthy 734-677-5293
Physics Sandy McCarthy 734-677-5293
Science Sandy McCarthy 734-677-5293
Physical Therapy
Physical Therapy Sandy McCarthy 734-677-5293
Public Services Careers
Correctional Science Amy Lee 734-677-5294
Criminal Justice Amy Lee 734-677-5294
Radiography Sandy McCarthy 734-677-5293
Social Sciences
Anthropology Sandy McCarthy 734-677-5293
Economics Amy Lee 734-677-5294
Geography Sandy McCarthy 734-677-5293
History Tashia Munson 734-677-5464
Political Science Amy Lee 734-677-5294
Technical Training
Construction Technology Maureen Perault 734-973-3407
Facility Management Maureen Perault 734-973-3407
Heating Maureen Perault 734-973-3407
Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning Maureen Perault 734-973-3407
Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Maureen Perault 734-973-3407
Quality Control Technology Maureen Perault 734-973-3407
Plumbing Maureen Perault 734-973-3407
Video Production
Video Production Meghan Rose 734-973-3430
Welding & Fabrication
Welding Maintenance Mechanics Maureen Perault 734-973-3407
Welding Technology Maureen Perault 734-973-3407
Media Collection
Media Collection Amy Lee 734-677-5294

Media Collection

Instructors who want to order media material for the collection, should read the Procedures for Ordering Media Material PDF available below.

Procedures for Ordering Media Material
Form Name: File Name: File Size:
Procedures for Ordering Media Material procedures_ordering_media.pdf 59 KB

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