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An Instructor's Guide to Library/Research Instruction

The research instruction session will provide your students with up-to-date skills in researching their topics using print and electronic materials available through the Library or remotely through off campus internet connections. Even if some of your students have been to a previous Library research instruction session, they are sure to learn something new. The research databases the Library subscribes to often change their interfaces and add new features. And we frequently add new research databases. Likewise, new print sources are constantly added to our collection.

The sessions usually include instruction in using the Library's online catalog of books and media items, using the research databases to locate pertinent journal and/or newspaper articles, using reference books to find background and summary information, and acquiring skills to evaluate Websites for credibility.

You can be sure the session will be tailored to your students' needs and built on any previously acquired library research skills they may have. You will be asked to provide information on the students' assignments, the subjects they will be researching, etc. To schedule an instruction class, please fill out the Library Research Instruction Request Form, e-mail the Dean's office (), or call 734-973-3379 during business hours.

Your following these guidelines will help the Librarians prepare instruction for your classes.

  • Schedule your classes' research instruction sessions as far in advance as possible, especially if you want to build a certain date into your syllabus. The very latest we can schedule is a week in advance (by 10 p.m. Wednesday for the following week.)
  • Remember that other instructors are scheduling research instruction sessions for their classes and there is often competition for dates and times.
  • Schedule the research instruction session in conjunction with your library-related assignment; that is, bring the students to the library just at the point that they are beginning their research for an essay, speech, or other presentation.
  • Provide the librarian with the following information:
    1. A copy of the assignment
    2. Your explanation of the assignment
    3. Examples of subjects your students may choose
    4. The types of sources you require (e.g. books, journals, newspapers, Websites, etc.) and how many of each type you require
  • Plan on scheduling your class for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, daytimes or evenings.
  • Friday sessions are scheduled only for those classes that meet once a week on Fridays.
  • Do not schedule research instruction for the day before or the day after a holiday or other college break.
  • An average research instruction session lasts an hour.
  • Plan to bring your class to the library instruction classroom, introduce the librarian to your class, and stay in the classroom during the session.
  • Know that the Librarians do not schedule research instruction sessions for days when you will not be present, even if another instructor will be substituting for you.

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